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#PIB4 FINAL deadline: Call for Papers extended until 31st May 2016!

Due to many requests, you can now submit abstracts until 31st of May 2016. This extended final deadline gives you one extra month to hand in abstracts for oral or poster presentation for next year's big international progress in...[more]


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Starting in ONE month: 1st Agro-industrial BIOGAS Training Seminar Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Join our course in the Biogas Asia Pacific Forum May 2016 in Malaysia[more]


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International Intensive Biogas Training - Practical Digester Biology, N. Ireland 2016

Learn about AD in Northern Ireland in the summer! 22 - 24 June 2016[more]


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UK Biogas & AD Operators Course in June 2013

25 June - 28 June 2013

The UK biogas and anaerobic digestion training course is especially relevant for biogas plant operators with the main focus on optimising digester biology and operating parameters. The course is also suitable for those wishing to acquire a deeper knowledge of the biological process in AD. Programme and registration!

We are repeating our highly successful in-depth biogas and anaerobic digestion training course with a half-day study tour in the UK. The 4-day training course is to enhance your knowledge on anaerobic digestion and the sustainability of biogas plants.

In partnership with REA Biogas it will be delivered by German engineers from IBBK with many years of practical experience dealing with all sorts of AD plant with a wide range of feedstocks. The engineers delivering the course content are specialists in understanding and optimising the complex biology, feedstock selection and operating parameters of AD plants - their teaching is the highlight of our AD training courses in the UK since 2011.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

  • Welcome to the seminar
  • Overview of the biogas industry in Europe and UK and its future development
  • Introduction to biogas and anaerobic digestion technology
  • 1/2-day field trip to an agricultural biogas plant
  • Optional: get together and dinner

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

  • Choosing the right substrate and combining it for the optimal digestion inpute
  • Introduction into environmental & engineering parameters
  • Process monitoring and practical plant operation
  • Results of a comparative study of over 1600 Biogas plants in Germany

Thursday, 27 June 2013

  • Fundamentals of biological process control & insitu process control
  • Gas Measurement and data recording
  • Plant attendance & daily operation
  • Safety features of biogas plants and equipment

Friday, 28 June 2013

  • Digestate standard and digestate utilisation
  • Biogas upgrading and different pathways of biogas utilisation
  • Report and discussion with practical operators from Germany and UK

IBBK Fachgruppe Biogas GmbH

in cooperation with the
Biogas Group of the
Renewable Energy Association
(REA), London


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John Scott-Kerr of Bidwells Agribusiness: "Attendance on this course is essential for anyone with plans to finance, design, build and run a plant." more...

  • Biogas Industry in Europe and UK and its development
  • Biogas Technology Introduction
  • Substrate selection criteria
  • Environmental & engineering parameters
  • Process monitoring
  • Practical plant operation
  • Biological process control & insitu process control
  • Gas measurement and data recording
  • Plant attendance and daily operation
  • Safety features
  • Digestate Standard and digestate utilisation
  • Biogas upgrading
  • Working plant examples from Uk and Germany
  • ½ -day study tour

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